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Solid Flat Tappet

Here at Clay Smith Cams we take pride in making a high quality, long lasting, precision ground camshafts.  Below are some of the things that set us apart from the rest.

  • All Cams are Index Ground
  • Rough Edges are micro polished off to ensure any premature damage from loose material.
  • We do not mass produce camshafts. Each camshaft is ground to custom specs for each application.

 The Camshafts you see listed here are some of our more popular designs. If you would like something more specific to your application, please do not  hesitate to call or email us.  Contact Us



  • C-0406-0-B Solid Flat Tappet

    C-0406-0-B Solid Flat Tappet Advertised Duration:   304 Intake /306 Exhaust Duration .050:           258 Intake /264 Exhaust Lobe Seperation:  110 Valve Lift based on Rocker Ratio 1.5   ...

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    C-272 Solid Flat Tappet

    This Camshaft will provide outstanding low and mid range performance. Added throttle response Good Idle Quailty     1000-5900 Rpm Range 272 Advertised Duration 224 @.050 INT/EXH Duration 108 Lobe Separation 435 lift  1.5...

    Was: $195.00
    Now: $189.99
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  • C-304-8-B Solid Flat Tappet

     C-304-8-B Solid Flat Tappet   Advertised Duration: 304 Duration at .050" :  258 Lobe Separation  : 108 Valve Lift based on Rocker Ratio 1.5    .525 1.6    .560 1.75  .615  

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  • C-306-8-B Solid Flat Tappet

    C-306-8-B Solid Flat Tappet Advertised Duration: 306 Duration at .050  264 Lobe Separation 108 Valve Lift based on Rocker Ratio 1.5    .540 1.6    .575 1.75  .630  

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